UIF - Unemployment Insurance Fund
UIF - Unemployment Insurance Fund
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UIF - Unemployment Insurance Fund - Online uif filling

No resolution
Siba filed the complaint
7 March 2022
I registered online on the 22nd of Feb and my application was declined due to documents not being uploaded. Problem one,the was no the link provided to upload the documents. Number 2, Is to reject the application without informing the users(me) in this case, without sending me a link or an email to forward my documents. 3. It's the appeal process that apparently it takes about 12 months for a committee to sit in for them, and there are no contact details for the appeal committee. I get the missing and wrong documents I received from my company...As a Citizen, who pays UIF every month, I find it unfair when it's a hustle to get our payments. We have kids that we pay schools for? We rent, we need food to eat, these are just basics of life. We are unemployed we should be stressing about getting jobs, not run after government to pay out Unemployment Insurance Fund..Stress about what kids going to eat after school, how are they going to get to school.

Why my application was rejected based on your system's functionality? Why should we to wait for a year for our appeals to be answered? In the meantime, how should we survive?
Incident date: 7 March 2022
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