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UIF - Unemployment Insurance Fund
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UIF - Unemployment Insurance Fund - Non communication with regards to uif claims

No resolution
Melvin Carels
Melvin Carels filed the complaint
24 May 2021
I logged a claim via U-filing in March 2021 and given a case number; status on computer showed "send to assessor". Around 25 April i decided to follow up. I phoned into the callcentre and was then told that no paperwork have been received. when i point to the fact that nobody contacted me with regards to it (via phone or e-mail), an email with a link was send to me. I uploaded my docs as requested. I followed up after 5 working days and was told (after i eventually got through on the phone) that no docs have been received. another link (the same as the previous link) was sent and this time i uploaded my docs while the person was till on the line. I was told that it have been received and someone will be in-touch via email within 10 days. On Mon 10may i phoned in to check status and was to (lo and behold!!) there was no docs on my file. A different email address was given to upload docs. I uploaded it immediately and haven't heard anything until now...and when i call into the callcentre, the phone go unanswered, even if you stay on hold for 10mins
* Q1....how do these people expect you to do all these things (which cost money) if you're unemployed?
* Q2....communication from these people is very bad. Nobody come back to you to say this or that is outstanding
*Q3...who follow up with these complaints...cause i read through a lot but nowhere saw an answer from these people on any complaint
Incident date: 24 May 2021
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