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UIF - Unemployment Insurance Fund - No response on overdue payment

No resolution
EM Du Preez
EM Preez filed the complaint
9 March 2022
I have, to date, not received any response to the enquiry dated 1 March 2022 ([email protected]; [email protected]) or the complaints department ([email protected]) on 4 March 2022 regarding the payment that was due on 28 February 2022.

I have contributed to the UIF and I think it is reasonable to expect my unemployment benefit as per my contract with the SA government with regards to UIF.
This complaint has a private attachment.
Incident date: 1 March 2022
EM Preez
23 March 2022
I received an email on 22 March 2022, stating that in included a status update, but there is no update - copy of email attached. This is typical of the service that we get from the anc government. It is mandatory to contribute to the UIF, but when the time comes to claim against it, payments that are due are not made and I have heard this from numerous people. It's an absolute disgrace.
EM Preez
7 April 2022
No response on payment for more that two months now. Nothing. Not a single word. I will not contribute to UIF ever again in my life.
EM Preez
21 April 2022
It's been 2 months and still no response on any of my enquiries.
EM Preez
6 May 2022
These people simply do not respond to enquiries and neither do they make payments as prescribed by law.
EM Preez
20 May 2022
Still no payment received and no response on my enquiries.
EM Preez
4 June 2022
I received the attached email on 30 May 2022 and responded with the information immediately.

No response received and still unresolved. They don't know the first thing about service delivery or the fact that the tax payers are paying their salaries.

As the Democratic Alliance so eloquently put it: "In case of a complaint, the Department of Labour apologises for the sub-standard service and the inconvenience this might have caused."
EM Preez
21 June 2022
No response as expected. This matter will now be escalated to the highest authority in government.
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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