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UIF - Unemployment Insurance Fund - No feedback on delayed uif continuation payments

No resolution
Grant Cupido filed the complaint

Good day

I have been following up on my Continuation Of Benefits payments since March and we are now heading into July. I have had been sent from pillar to post with my query with no one being able to assist me.

I was advised that all the payments that have been closed by the paymaster with no actual payment being made to me. I have even visited the Somerset West office only to stand in line for hours and be handed a form to complete and no further assistance or feedback after that
I plead that you please a look at my issue and resolve it as urgently as possible as I have for the last 4 months not received any payment and therefor have no income
I have also sent numerous e-mail queries just to get the same response. We're looking into it and have escalated your query and Check back in 2 days
11 Aug 2022
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