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UIF - Unemployment Insurance Fund - Maternity leave

No resolution
Lana Samuels
Lana Samuels filed the complaint
23 February 2022
I applied for maternity and submitted the documents required the 13th of December only outstanding document was the birth certificate which I submitted in January. Since then my status has not changed on the internet. I call the call center they just escalate the query. The purpose of this money is to help you while you are not employed, but it seems I'm likely to receive this money after my maternity leave has ended. UIF should be ashamed that it doesn't work. You don't help unemployed people. Why must people beg for the few cents. We have backlog, we waiting for the assessor! These answers aren't good enough where must I get nappy money from why must I borrow from people because of an assessor. It's not fair, and then the complaints nothing happens. Uif should be disbanded because you don't service the purpose for your intent. The problems aren't fixed you create more problems in a unemployed person's life you are shameful and slow. Then you can't even be honest and say you will wait 4 months. You destroy families and ruin lives. The mental stress you put people through is not just but there is no justice for these people. You prey on the poor and unemployed. When will I get my few cents so I can buy nappies and the expensive food in the shops. You are selfish lazy employees.
Incident date: 23 February 2022
Lana Samuels
29 March 2022
I am still waiting for uif, my maternity claim has not been dealt with. I'm told stuff can only be processed in the new financial year beginning April that doesn't mean anything to me, because my maternity leave is ending 10 April and the unemployment fund didn't not help me or do as it's suppose to imagine you wait 3 months for a few cents after borrowing money from people to survive when you have money but people can't do their little bit of work properly. UIF should be ashamed and embarrassed that they treat people like this how many families are destroyed by these people how many hard working people kill themselves because of these people. Moral of the story NOT MATTER NOT RESOLVED I'M STILL WAITING.!!!
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