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UIF - Unemployment Insurance Fund
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UIF - Unemployment Insurance Fund - Maternity benefits

No resolution
Caroline filed the complaint
10 February 2022
I applied for my Maternity benefits with the UIF just after June in 2020. I have been back and forth to the department several times and I am yet to receive any funds. I have made countless calls to their contact center with no resolution. They have all my documents and nothing is outstanding.

It is an extremely frustrating process it's like every department at the UIF works in isolation where there is no communication between the different levels.

The department only sees a few number of people a day and in order to make this number I have to leave my home at 4AM in the morning. This is highly unsafe. They do not communicate any issues with me even after countless calls to their call center.

Calling the actual branch is useless no one picks up the phone.

I am so tired and extremely frustrated with this process that has not moved an inch since I applied.
Incident date: 9 February 2022
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