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UIF - Unemployment Insurance Fund - Maternity benefit not paid out as yet

No resolution
Chantelle Pretorius
Chantelle Pretorius filed the complaint
18 January 2022
I really hope that I will get help as I do not know what to do anymore. I have applied for my maternity benefit end Feb 2021. All the documentation was sent to the UIF department by mid March and they received the documentation as told me everything was in order.
30 June 2021 they requested new documentation from me, that I sent to them and they were happy with everything once again and asked that I just be patient so that they could re-submit.
On the 5th of August I was asked to re-submit more documents that they were not happy with this time and yet again I did this. When I called them to find out if everything is in order I was assured that they were happy with all the documents and I should be patient with them, so that they can sort out the claim for me.
I have been calling them just about every week and the answers I get are either that they are still working on it, no update has been received as yet. They will escalate the matter. I will get my payment within a week. I do not know what to tell you anymore mam. It is not normal to wait a year. The people that needs to update the system for the consultants to see what is going on, are not doing so. And lastly, I understand your frustration mam, we will leave them a message(That never gets replied to). All I am asking for Is for my claim to be paid out. I am never rude, I do not shout and I always stay calm. I am not a person to get angry with a person that is not the problem. But I need my benefit to be paid out, as I had to make a plan to survive for 4 months without a salary.
Incident date: 1 March 2021
Chantelle Pretorius
1 February 2022
After confirming on their system and with various consultants that my documents were indeed received and processed and that they were happy with all the docs. They now inform me that they have misplaced my documents again.
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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