UIF - Unemployment Insurance Fund
UIF - Unemployment Insurance Fund
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UIF - Unemployment Insurance Fund - Failure to pay out uif money

No resolution
Jonathan Van Rooyen
Jonathan Rooyen filed the complaint
18 November 2021
In July 2021, I applied through Cape Town Labour Department for unemployment benefit payout as I was terminated in June 2021, a payment was received in August 2021, I was told that I would receive the benefit for 12 months, I was not aware that I had to do a continuation for benefits and only been informed about it with my enquiry in September 2021 when no payment was received. I then did the continuation for benefits through there Ufilling portal on 22 September 2021 and status was that it was sent to Pay Master. No payment came through in September and nothing for October 2021, 25 October 2021 I did a re application for benefits through U Filing and in spite of numerous follow ups to date no payment received. I have been sent from pillar to post and committment that I will receive feedback, but to date nothing. Why are we paying UIF if this is what we get at the end.....?
Incident date: 22 September 2021
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