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UIF - Unemployment Insurance Fund
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UIF - Unemployment Insurance Fund - 3 +month delay

No resolution
Bellamy Block
Bellamy Block filed the complaint
24 November 2021
I submitted my application for UIF benifits via their ufiling page on 08 September 2021, and received the above quoted reference number.

3 weeks later my profile still only said "Send to Assessor".
I called the call centre and was asked to submit my documents via email. This I did and I recevied acknowledgement of receipt on 06 October 2021. (20211006- 001588)

Since then I have sent multiple follow up email, made multiple calls. And every response is that my documents are in order and has been sent for capturing. I was promised that I can expect an sms by Friday 29 October. No sms was received. I called again, at least 3 times since then, and am told that I must wait for my sms.

This is now 55 days since submission and 36 days since my documents was submitted and approved. How does this relate to their FAQ section that says 15 days after files get sent to Assessor, you will get notification of when payment can de expected
Incident date: 8 September 2021
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