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UIF - Unemployment Insurance Fund - 1 year and still waiting

Awaiting reply
Sheldon filed the complaint

I applied for UIF last year October and have since been given about 16 different case ID's and every single time I call the UIF contact center I am told that I should wait 8 - 12 working days. It has been over 200 working days and I still do not have my UIF that is mine, money got deducted from my salary every month so that in the event of me losing my job I would be able to live. UIF makes it seem like I am applying for a loan, when in actual fact this is my own money that I worked for. My application was first rejected because I did not have any documents from 3 companies I worked at 8+ years ago (they no longer exist), I then obtained an affidavit and sent it to them, now I am still waiting for my money, it's literally been a full year today!
Sheldon is awaiting for brand response

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