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UIF - Unemployment Insurance Fund - 1 month - documents received but not loaded to my application

No resolution
Noluvuyo Mafani
Noluvuyo Mafani filed the complaint
22 February 2022
I contacted the UIF department on the 07th of January 2022. I was advised to submit documents which I did. UIF acknowledged receipt of documents on the 21st of January with the case number C-20220107-001159. I then have been calling since to check on the status of my application to no avail. I am always being told there is nothing the contact centre can do for me but to escalate the matter. Yet no one comes back with any updates. Instead I am asked to call back to be given the same information. The number of times I have called as are as below:
07 January 12h23 10min 14s
31 January 14h28 8min 17s
14 February 14h46 5min 57s
15 February 09h40 11min 57s
22 February 07h51 7min 12s

I need to make payments towards my bond and sons school otherwise I lose my house and my son gets kicked out of school. What does a person have to lose before their application is taken seriously?

What is the reason for the delay?

Will going to the branch expedite the process because at this point I'm willing to do what I need to, to make sure my son stays in school. I can live on the street, but my son deserves to go to school.

I called the number provided as escalations/complaints as being 0800 843 843- which is useless as it just redirects you back to the contact centre 0800 003 0007 which can't help.
Incident date: 31 January 2022
Good day. I am Masede from Communication in the Department of Employment and Labour and would like to assist you. For me to assist you I need your details. Name, ID and your nearest Labour Centre.
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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