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Uber Eats - Uber has taken my money i dont even use uber eats or any apps

No resolution
Gogo Rabadisana
Gogo Rabadisana filed the complaint
5 September 2023
Uber took my money i do not even have that app i dont ever use apps and i want the details of the person who did this as i opened a case with bank and saps this is pathetic i am a single parent but people are taking our last money and i tried contacting uber but they ignoring this pleae i need my 800 and to get this person arrested i do have my card details you Will trace the person i do have a statement as well my bank has opened a fraud as well i need my money i am verry angry and upset '............this is pathetic
Incident date: 5 September 2023
Gogo Rabadisana
Gogo Rabadisana rated the brand
16 November 2023

My money is back

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