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TymeBank Limited
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TymeBank - Poor service

Awaiting reply
Sinenhlanhla Sabela
Sinenhlanhla Sabela filed the complaint
13 May 2024
I'm really tired of tymebank for their service that they are giving me,it's been 6 months without them helping,each and every call I get from them,They say different things,others say I must go to home affairs to do fica,I must go to the kiosk to do re-fica,I must do re-fica on my app so that I'll be able to use my account,others say I must do affidavit to the police the hell long will I be doing affidavits...This people are playing with me and I'm really tired,all the time each person will come with different story,I'm even tired to answer their calls because I know they will come with something different...just wish I could get help because I'm tired of doing things without being hepled
Incident date: 13 May 2024
Sinenhlanhla Sabela
Sinenhlanhla Sabela is awaiting for brand response
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