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TymeBank Limited
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TymeBank - Account onhold

No resolution
Sinenhlanhla Sabela
Sinenhlanhla Sabela filed the complaint
2 March 2024
So tymebank told me to send affidavit and I did after some time they told me to send proof of investment, platform investment investmented to and binance screenshot,I couldn't send because I got mugged they took everything from me so I managed to get the person I used his account to pay as for binance I couldn't login to my binance but a friend of mine who knows technology did help I managed to login and got the proof the bank wanted and sent it to their email and now they are quite they are not saying anything and I also mentioned that I don't have a phone I'm using my cousin's phone they must respond with a email because I added my email account to her phone because I don't have a phone
Incident date: 2 March 2024
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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