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Truworths - Unsatisfied customer

No resolution
Jacky Tolmay
Jacky Tolmay filed the complaint
20 April 2024
Truworths has been a go-to destination for my shopping needs, but lately, I've been considering switching to a different store. This inclination stems from the unsatisfactory level of customer service and professionalism I've encountered. During my visit to the store yesterday, I couldn't help but notice the following instances:
Upon entering the store, I was warmly greeted by a friendly security guard, setting a promising tone for my shopping experience. However, as I ventured further into the store, it felt as though I had entered a realm of disarray. A handful of customers wandered aimlessly, seemingly bewildered and looking for someone to assist them.
My initial visit to the makeup section proved to be a beacon of hope, as the staff exhibited commendable helpfulness and amiability. Yet, my optimism was quickly dampened when informed that payment for makeup items could only be processed separately. This inconvenience persisted when I moved to the Mac section, encountering another hurdle necessitating multiple transactions.
The clothing section presented a disheartening scene: an absence of both customers and sales personnel, leaving the floor devoid of assistance or guidance. Even at the jewellery counter, where I sought assistance, my presence was overlooked, with the attendant engrossed in conversation with a colleague.
My quest for a specific clothing item was met with further frustration, as the lack of available staff compelled me to actively seek assistance. Regrettably, the desired size was unavailable, with no indication of when it would be restocked.
The desolate atmosphere extended to the footwear department, where not a soul was in sight, prompting my departure without making a purchase.
Upon reaching the checkout, my ordeal persisted. Despite lengthy queues, only two cashiers were available, while others engaged in idle chatter, oblivious to the mounting customer dissatisfaction. Tempers flared as frustrations peaked, with irate patrons vocalizing their grievances. Witnessing several customers abandon their purchases in frustration, it became evident that my once-beloved store had failed to uphold its standard of service.
Although assisted by a friendly yet evidently fatigued cashier, my departure from the store was accompanied by a sense of disappointment and reluctance. Despite my affinity for Truworths, the cumulative shortcomings of my visit left me questioning whether I would return.
Incident date: 20 April 2024
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