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Truworths - Stealing my money

No resolution
Previn Pillay
Previn Pillay filed the complaint
9 November 2021
I have been fighting what seems like a losing battle with Truworths for almost a year now.
In December 2020 I made a purchase at the Truworths store in Gateway mall, Umhlanga.
I swiped my card in store and later found that my account was actually double debited by Truworths.
When I contacted Truworths, I was told to go back to the store and speak to someone there. I was then told to send an email to somebody in the store, attaching my bank statement to show the double deduction.

I did all of that but never received a response on my email.
When I followed up, I was told to speak to my bank (ABSA) about the issue. I then contacted ABSA and they told me to go back to Truworths as it was not an ABSA issue.

When I came back to Truworths, I was told that it was an issue with Standard Bank. Truworths does their banking with Standard Bank.
Truworths sent me a Standard Bank letter which stated that Standard Bank had a problem with its facility and some people were double debited.
The letter also stated that Standard bank would be refunding all the affected people within a few days.

This never happened. Thereafter, I contacted Truworths again to sort out the matter but they never did.
Afterwards, due to personal circumstances, I was unable to follow up on this matter until this month.
When I got back in contact with Truworths, I find that they are giving me the same run around again.
They are refusing to do their job. Instead they are insisting that its not their issue and I must sort it out myself.
I've already wasted all of my airtime trying to deal with Standard Bank, which is a terrible bank. For me to explain the issue to Standard Bank takes approximately 3 hours before they can even understand the issue. By which time my airtime runs out, and then I don't hear from Standard Bank.

I am sick and tired of Truworths evasive action. laziness and incompetence.
I should not even be contacting Standard Bank in the first place. This is Truworths issue.
I just made a simple purchase in store and got robbed and today Truworths is smiling with my money.

Truworths is a despicable company which needs to be brought to book.
Incident date: 9 December 2020
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