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Truworths - Numerous requests - no assistance

No resolution
Shonti Abrahams
Shonti Abrahams filed the complaint
4 September 2023
My account was rightfully debited for 2 Ginger Mary Coasts (@R999.00). 1 Coast was credited. I never received any comms the item arrived. I still have not received any comms re the arrival of the 1 item but have been charged. I went to the Cavendish store just to be told the Manager was not there (11am on the 27th of Aug). That I will be contacted. Their telephones have not been answered for all of the August month. I stood at the counter, called the store number, heard the telephone ring, and none of the cashiers answered it. Said the admin office staff has to answer it. I don't have the item, it's not at the store, I want my account credited. Now I have to take time off yet again, from work to resolve the issue at hand as the staff is way pass competent to assist. WHAT DO I DO ????????
Incident date: 27 August 2023
Shonti Abrahams
Shonti Abrahams rated the brand
13 November 2023

The Claremont branch staff was incompetent of doing what they are paid for. at 10am there was no manager available. This is my second time I have issues with the Claremont branch. They just lift their shoulders, "they don't know". They asked for my contact number, and I told them, I know they won't call me back because she didn't even ask for my name. And true to my point, even today, no one has called me. Yes, the issue is resolved 6 months later, and yes, I am only 1 person in the universe of Truworths, but I have heard others complain about this branch too. So, I would suggest you look at your staff at this branch. They have no people's skills.

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