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Truworths - Misleading

Awaiting reply
Annie filed the complaint
19 May 2024
I saw a beige coat online, for R 697.00
Went to Maponya mall Friday after work,as I needed a coat for Saturday morning.
Coat scanned R 780, told Samkelo cashier who was helping me, about the price that I saw online I even showed him. He called his manager by the name of Ingrid and they told they can't sell it to me with that price.

I asked them to contact their head office.
Was assistant by a guy by the name of Apelele,whom I found very unprofessional and guide. He told me that there is no manager, as they knocked off. I demanded to speak to his supervisor,he told me he is not sure if he will take my call.
I waited, then call was taken by Zaind who confirmed that he is a manager.

Zaind told that the price I saw online is for online promotion doesn't include stores.
My question is,why was that not included on their terms and conditions or fine print.
I check everything before I went to the branch. He could not answer that, while Apelele told me atlist now I know....

I told them I stopped my coat hunt immediately I saw that one. Where will I get a coat at 17h50 Friday,as I needed for the following day??

I handed the lady who was at shoes department a TAN boot, asked her for samething size 6. She told me I will find it by the till.
While was on call with the head office,I asked the cashier to ring my shoes.
To my supriwhen I reach home,is not what i asked for!!!
I had to cancel my Saturday event and took the wrong (black ) pair of boots back.
Now truworths is charging me R 104 for return while am doing exchange!!!

17/05/2024 from maponya to Jabula (home) R 16.00
18/05/2024 from Jabulani to Maponya R 16.00 plus return R 16.00
Total of R 48.00

Whatever that you are promoting online,inform customers that price you see is for online shopping only!!
Get your staff trained for customer .

Samkelo must learn to listen so he can hear what the customer say and assist accordingly.
He is so quick to respond xam. He is not a good listener!
Incident date: 17 May 2024
Annie is awaiting for brand response
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