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Truworths - Lies

No resolution
Susan filed the complaint
8 July 2022 (edited on 8 July 2022)
I have opened a account and didn't receive my extra thousand that gift voucher they promised when you go on Facebook and even on google when you search truworts open a account it comes up that you get a 1000 gift voucher truworths so I phoned customer care this morning first lady helped me she put me through to someone else second lady took my details put me through to somebody else third lady took my details put me through to somebody else a fourth person took my details and then he wanted to put me through to his supervisor because I wanted to know why it takes four people they asked me the same questions just to tell me why I didn't get a gift voucher I already bought on this account and now they want to know where I work how can you let me buy on this account if I cannot pay this account for people before you took all my details it takes a fifth person to take down my details again that's my ID number my place of residence 4 people and then they want to put me through to the supervisor but I already put on my account so I just want to know why I didn't get my gift voucher I understand they have to ask these questions but four people to give me answer on my gift voucher and all these different people have my ID and my place of residence mean what's going on I already bought on this account so I wanna know what is the problem and I want my gift voucher the gate remote on the site even their own and no I didn't find this account with the gift voucher because I didn't receive a gift voucher
Incident date: 8 July 2022
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