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Truworths - Duplicate charges to bank account

No resolution
PatriciaQ filed the complaint
5 January 2022
Don’t buy anything from Truworths and pay with your debit/credit card. On 12/28/21, I purchased clothes costing R1759.00 from Newcastle KZN Truworths store number 382, on 12/29/21 they charged my bank account for the same amount again, while no purchase was made. I went back to the store and the manager Andile Nkosi promised to follow up. I even reached out to their customer service, after providing the receipt, my ID and bank statement as proof, they started asking me to provide more information about my query with each communication as if with each email it is the first time I reach out to them. The manager Andile Nkosi called me back and said their Finance team said that they can only see the transaction on the 28th and not the 29th, when she could clearly see from my bank statement and my mobile banking app that I was charged twice, once on the 28th and again on the 29th. What a dishonest and cunning company, I guess that is how they make their money. What a breach of customer trust that you could charge my card again without any purchase being made; day light robbery!
Incident date: 29 December 2021
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