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Travelstart Online Travel Operations Pty Ltd
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Travelstart - Booking ref za11681015 refund

No resolution
Ilse Joubert
Ilse Joubert filed the complaint
19 January 2024
On 09 January 2024 at 11:04:20 Ilse Joubert ([email protected]) sent you an email asking if everything is set and fine with the booking to which she got no informed response. Travelstart is a booking agency which means that you are supposed to make booking a flight convenient, this is no longer convenient for us. No one informed us that you are supposed to have a Schengen Visa when Overlaying in two Schengen states, it would be more convenient if you as the professional and the agency inform your clients as this little detail caused us a lot of inconvenience. When we tried to contact you we had an agent talk to us and seemed annoyed by the situation. I got an email stating that there will be no full refund which to me seemed unfair as we contacted Travelstart prior to the flight and never received any emails back. We would like to sort this matter as soon as possible please do contact me or Ilse Joubert via email/phone.

No Schengen Visa requirements were relayed to us. No communication from you as a booking agent.
I would like to reinstate the return flight, as it can still be used as I was informed that there will be no refund to book a new ticket.

Your phone lines are impossible to get through to a consultant to help.
Various email sent, not one has been answered.

This is unacceptable and very poorly handled.
Incident date: 19 January 2024
Ilse Joubert
Ilse Joubert rated the brand
11 March 2024

It is nearly impossyto get hold of any agent via telephone. I pad R24k for my flights and they offered a refund of R1,500, which I atill haven’t received after 2 months. ABSOLUTELY NO way I would ever book with you again!!! Super disappointed!!!!!!!

This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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