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The courier guy - Wrong delivery address

No resolution
Nomakhwezi filed the complaint
5 May 2021
The courier guys delivered my parcel in the wrong address in Mthatha instead of Madwaleni Hospital +-90 kilometress away on 30/04/2021.

As a result i'm losing clients and money because of this.
The company they picked up delivery from clearly states the delivery address and nothing has changed even when i was tracking my delivery.
I don't know why they picked up wrong address. I've been emailing Natasha from head office yesterday but she stopped responding as soon as i showed them proof of the address where they were suppose to use.
I want them to pick up that parcel and deliver it to the right address. I'm too far to do anything about this. This is really frustrating, who's going to pay for the loss now.
Incident date: 5 May 2021
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