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The courier guy - Thecourierguy collection of police clearance certificates from pretoria to cape town

No resolution
Edward IONS
Edward IONS filed the complaint
5 October 2021
I paid for the collection of the 2 police clearance certificates and gave Mr Alex Steenkamp the references needed for collection. I also gave the courier link the references.
I have not heard from thecourierguy at all since the 28th September 2021.
The chat line tries to get me in contact with Mr Steenkamp but I am just kept hanging on the chat
help line.
The payment for the return of documents was made and banked on the 29th September 2021.
Incident date: 28 September 2021
Edward IONS
Edward IONS rated the brand
1 December 2021

All they had to do was collect the documents from the SAP PCC (Police Clearance Certificates) office in Pretoria. They failed to do so and I have no document to date having given them all the info and the letters id's and reference numbers. They could have pretended to be some other courier or use some excuse but the PCC office does not like them. I have paid 3 times for this service and each time the documents are not collected or handed over.

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