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The courier guy - The driver of the bakkie with the number plate drives like a maniac

No resolution
Henco Vd Merwe
Henco Merwe filed the complaint
2 May 2021
I was driving down on soloman Mahlangu Dr on the way to silver lakes we buy cars. when the bakkie from the courier guy came passing me on the left side while I was in the right lane. There was a bike in the left lane that he saw and started to speed up almost knocking the guy on the motorcycle. The courier guy bakkie was still left of me when I looked at the driver and told him that he must watch his following distance because he almost knocked the guy on the bike. He then yelled back at me "what do you want" while still spending up towards the bike. I got angry and I yelled back at him "you can't be driving like that with the works bakkie" I was sworn at by the driver of the bakkie and then he made as if he is reaching for something in his back pocket mokking me as if he had a gun. This I could not believe this is the most disrespectful thing I have ever seen. Next to me in the car was my girlfriend that also got a fright when he reached to his back pocket.he started to swerve into my lane coming more and more over the white line trying to push me off the road. I started to put in the number that was on the bakkie but no answer I called the after hours line as well but no answer. As I tried to get his number plate he sped of in the yellow lane. I was able to get his number plate 2 traffic lights down from where I first saw him. was the bakkies number plate and it was between 12 and 1 today. Soloman Mahlangu Dr close the the Lynnwood road intersection
Incident date: 2 May 2021
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