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The Courier Guy - Stolen package

No resolution
Violet Maile
Violet Maile filed the complaint
3 June 2024
For a delivery driver to tell me to tell me I must forget about my delivery. Not just that lying about my phone being off. I took time off work as delivery is today! I want my delivery

I was just told that it was due today. The package was picked up last week for delivery today

I’m livid and literally going on social media

This is my medication you are with holding. I checked with the sender and they confirmed it is today delivery not next week. Pudo too said delivery is today so why is the story changing. Why am I chasing a package that is paid for delivery. Not only that, I’ve always had packages sent to me this way and have never had this issue. If I don’t get my package and it disappears I’m going the legal route. I have never had to deal with such. I’m sending out codes too which is so risky and missing work
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Incident date: 3 June 2024
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