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The Courier Guy - Serious delay

No resolution
Norman Baruch
Norman Baruch filed the complaint
15 November 2023
A parcel marked “early bird” and sent on 13th November from Pretoria to Johannesburg only arrived on 15th November AFTER I complained of late delivery. No apologies not explanations were given. Absolutely disgusting.
Incident date: 15 November 2023
Norman Baruch
29 November 2023
Are you guys that greedy and self centred that you dont give a * FORBIDDEN * about your reputation? This complaint hasn't even been looked at. I'm appalled!
Norman Baruch
13 December 2023
This company has no intention of resolving this complaint, its obvious this is their business model and that they have no regrets.
Norman Baruch
Norman Baruch rated the brand
27 December 2023

Absolutely disgusting..wont touch them again with a barge pole. Would rather use SAPO than them anyday..and thats saying a lot.

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