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The courier guy - Parcel still not received and its 2 weeks now

Liepollo Julia Letele
Liepollo Letele filed the complaint
15 February 2022
My parcel was dropped off at courier guy office in Welkom on the 29th January 2022, around 08:05am and I was supposed to receive it the following week, i believe on a Tuesday the 1st.

It makes me so sad that up to now i still haven't received it and the courier guy in my area, they're telling me that it doesn't even show on the system and at Welkom they told me that they are doing their best to locate my parcel and will let me know as soon as they have answers.

The other hurtful thing is that every time i have to be the one making a follow up on them and i feel like two weeks is a lot of time for them to not have still located my parcel. This has truly affected my business ao bad and my finances as i am self employed and its my money and clientele at stake here.

I've lost clients and my rent is due, i haven't collected any money as i haven't delivered to customers as well and this has taken a toll on me so much. I'm truly desparate in getting those orders please.
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Incident date: 29 January 2022
Liepollo Julia Letele
Liepollo Letele rated the brand
1 March 2022

I think some of the staff still need some training of their jobs. I literally had to make an angry phone call everyday and would ask the person who sent the parcel to me to go there to make a follow up and we would get different stories of where the parcel was. received them after three weeks from the day they were sent. Just this week i received a parcel that's not mine. The guys in Welkom still need some training i think. Yes this kinda thing hasn't happened before but the way they handled the matter was not satisfying at all. Still continuing business but should this kinda mistake happen again and be resolved like this one was, then i'm done

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