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The courier guy - Parcel not delivered after paying over night delivery

No resolution
Bradley filed the complaint
2 April 2022
No contact from driver until 18:00pm explaining no signal, if that was the case i would have received a missed call at least but nothing.
I had paid the courier guy over night delivery from Thursday so that I could receive it Friday not to wait till Monday... and trying to get the drivers number to see if they might be lost as I stay out on a farm I was given another number where by contacting I was put down twice before being told that they don't work for the courier guy and then promptly hung up.

I managed to get ahold of someone helpful enough to figure out that my parcel had been given to a third party to deliver? I did not pay for the courier guy to hand my parcel to a third party.
Is this what is to be expected from now on?
If so then I will continue to complain over multiple websites/apps
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Incident date: 2 April 2022
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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