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The Courier Guy - Miscommunication of logistics

No resolution
Lehlohonolo Ncebeni
Lehlohonolo Ncebeni filed the complaint
4 June 2024
My name is Lehlohonolo Ncebeni and i am not really happy about what i have experienced today regarding the parcels that were or about to be sent from Vaal to Carletonville via The Courier Guy. Today earlier in the morning i created a shipment via my courier guy app by following their authorized procedure. I firstly deposited the money R200 in my courier guy app and created a shipment heading from Vanderbijlpark S.E.7 To Carletonville, I was charged R102 for everything i made a custom package as i indicated about the size of the plastic that i requested H=14cm,W=46cm and L=48cm. I requested such kind of bag because i knew the clothes that were inside of the separated 2 plastics brands were going to fit inside of the courier bag i wanted. Cool i confirmed everything and the money R102 was deducted from the R200 I had in my shipment acc and i was left with R98. The delivery guy came today around 14:20 and i wasn't around when he called telling me that he's gonna collect the parcel but i told him that i am not yet available but i left the things that have to be delivered on the security guard. I got the first email alerting me about the package being collected and the second email that i received it was an email telling me that my account is in arrears with -R63 from the R200 I had deposited, I didn't understand why my account is in arrears while i paid THE REQUESTED AMOUNT R102. I emailed them asking what might be an issue, then didn't reply me immediately so i decided to call them. I called Vaal Triangle on 016 428 9680 asking why is my account showing me -R63 while i paid the requested R102, they told me that I had 3 packages so they decided to convert my parcel into LOF charging me R263 and it will be delivered overnight. I didn't understand why they failed to communicate with me rather than making their own decisions. I just concluded everything by speaking with one of the guys whom I called by telling him that i Think it will be better If they bring back my things I'll use another method of sending out my parcels but the guy said that he'll get bACK to me of which he even failed to do, please let me know what is it to do because i even checked my tracking status it says my parcels are in transit. How can my parcels be in transit while the guy said that he'll get back to me? I think the best way they can do it's just to send me back my things and refund me back I will stop using their service. The major thing that they need to improve it is their logistics communication. They need to ensure that the customer is satisfied with whatver changes or decisions they are willing to make. Not to do whatever they wanna do.
Incident date: 4 June 2024
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