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The courier guy - Late delivery and attitude from the driver

No resolution
Rushil Ramdeen
Rushil Ramdeen filed the complaint
12 October 2021
I have booked and made payment with the courier guy on Wednesday 06-10-2021 to have my parcel picked up on 08-10-2021. There was no confirmation sent through to me the next day or even the day after. On Friday 08-10-2021 no one had picked up the parcel. On Saturday 09-10-2021 I hade emailed the booking centre to query and was given an excuse that proof of payment was not received (proof of payment is always dispatched immediately by the bank).

I had asked for senior management to contact me which only transpired after 4pm on 11-10-2021. This was because the parcel was only picked up at 4pm on the same day and the manager was phoning to cover their tracks.

Today, 12-10-2021 the drivers had come to my place and was very rude. They left my location without dropping off the parcel, they had phoned their head office and said I had set out dogs on them even though I do not have any dogs on site.

Upon making contact with their offices the service was very slack. This always happens every single time that I use the courier guy. There is no customer support and no respect for customers. It’s ongoing that we lose out by our purchasing, then courier payment, then late collections, then the attitude with no feedback whatsoever, then it’s our time and airtime to chase behind them.

I had asked for a refund from the courier guy and I am waiting for feedback. They can do whatever they wish to with the parcel, however, I don’t see this company as fit to be providing such services and should be fined and closed down.

I am a frequent user of Aramax and DSV at where I receive service beyond the word best. I use courier guy only for urgent deliveries which I have never received any urgent deliveries on time. This company is utterly USELESS and going forward I will not be using them for anything. Has anyone else experienced the same as I did?
Incident date: 12 October 2021
Rushil Ramdeen
Rushil Ramdeen rated the brand
6 January 2022

This business should be ban!

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