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The courier guy - Hooting in front of gate like a maniac

No resolution
Danel filed the complaint
4 March 2021
Courier guy is now making a habit of coming to my house hooting like maniacs in front of my gate several times now I've asked them to stop this I have a young child there's been times when he was very sick and then they come here hoot so much that whole neighbourhood complaints. I am not a dog they have absolutely no respect for clients they are spitefully and it's now a big joke to these delivery guys to come here and irritate the smoke out of me.. My husband makes use of this service at least 5 times a month so I'm now their plaything and quite frankly I'm sick and tired of this * FORBIDDEN * service and * FORBIDDEN * attitude. I hate courier guy delivery services due to their unprofessional drivers.....
Incident date: 4 March 2021
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