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The courier guy - Delivery time

No resolution
Naomi Johanna Dalhouzie
Naomi Dalhouzie filed the complaint
19 December 2021
I sent a parcel to a Honey in my team on the 5th of December. I phoned to enquire about the location of the parcel on the 10th because she could not retrieve it from the locker. I was told she must try again with the new pin. It was unsuccessful. I phoned again on the 14th and was told by Jo-Ann it would be delivered by the latest the 17th because of the public holiday on the 16th. Once again it was unsuccessful. I am at that point where I am not happy to use PUDO anymore. I sent a parcel out to Mafikeng on Friday, I used PAXI. I used to be so happy with PUDO, told everyone about it. And now I am so disappointed and therefore I cannot promote your services.

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Incident date: 17 December 2021
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