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The courier guy - Delivery drivers

No resolution
Preshie Naidoo
Preshie Naidoo filed the complaint
10 December 2021
Courier Guy drivers are absolutely lazy, we pay delivery for door to door service. They find it convenient to lie and leave all packages at Concierge when we are home. Today David the driver phones me to say that he will leave my package at the concierge as his car is faulty. He comes into the Estate and can access the concierge. He says to me I must just accept it as he is doing me a favor.

If I wanted to pick it up from somewhere I would have paid for Paxi or Postnet which is cheaper.

It is not the 1st time that these drivers lie to the admin at concierge to say we the residents said that it must go there. The concierge is a public area we are in Covid's 4th wave some of us have compromised immune systems and cannot go to public areas. This service is pathetic if truly his vehicle was in a bad running condition how do you allow your drivers to go to do deliveries in unroadworthy vehicles?
Incident date: 10 December 2021
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