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The courier guy - Delivery did not take place

Tertia Reichelt
Tertia Reichelt filed the complaint
30 July 2021
we requested a pick up from my son's house he was sending us Covid 19 meds.
our request from Purely Health was in before 10 in the morning and pick-up accrued around 9:30 or so. We paid for same-day delivery. Round 15h00 I sent an email asking if the delivery is still happening and was told it will be delivered by 17h00. Ten to five I sent another email and was then told that the driver could not get hold of me and did not come into the complex and that our staff will only be delivered on Monday, which is unacceptable as we were waiting for our meds. i did say in the first email that we need the parcel today cause of the meds we were waiting for. This driver that is doing our round now is not very trustworthy as this is the second time that he did not deliver the same day. I told him before not to call we home and he just needs to come in and pick up or deliver. I have no missed calls on my phone.
Incident date: 30 July 2021
Tertia Reichelt
2 August 2021
So I at long last got my parcel after a screaming match with the manager.

So I need this email to go to the bosses of the courier guy and I need a response from them today.

After the screaming match, a guy was here in less than 5 min.

So when I asked him what happened on Friday his response was the guy that did the rounds does not know the area, then they still lie to say they called my phone UNACCEPTABLE.

The guy that dropped off today did also not have his mask on ?????????
Tertia Reichelt
Tertia Reichelt rated the brand
8 October 2021

please remove the complaint its been two months and it has been sorted out.

This complaint was considered resolved.
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