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The courier guy - Bad service and no parcel

No resolution
Larissa Lessing filed the complaint

Hi there I need to find out what is going on with my parcel and how this will be corrected and delivered to me the at the right address, o and I want the owner or superior to call me in order to lay a complaint about the utter ridiculous service

Firstly the wrong parcel was delivered to me, and immediately collection of that was arranged, I was then told a whole story about one driver scanning the wrong parcel to the wrong person etc. Thereafter I was told that my parcel would be delivered by the manager Ryno on Saturday 30 April before 9am. At 10:30am I requested feedback as nothing had been delivered nor did I receive a call from the so called manager, thereafter the sender got blamed for sending the wrong parcel which was not the case she has confirmation that Courier Guy messed up.

Today I get a P.O.D signed by someone who does not even live at my address and no one is willing to assist or sort out this mess. I am fed up, and require management to call me and deliver my parcel to me.
This P.O.D CLEARLY states my name at the top and my address. Who ever this person is who signed for the parcel does not live here and I do not know who she is or where she stays. I clearly expressed my concern that my parcel would be delivered to the wrong person when I informed you guys about having the wrong parcel and now no one is willing to sort out your mess and get my parcel to me.

It is utterly incompetent and bad service to make the same mistake twice an also not to call the receiver or confirm that you have it correct the second time around. How can you possibly mess up a delivery twice and then simply pull up shoulders and not be willing to fix your mistake? So I suggest someone goes and finds this Ray-Anne person, gets my parcel and brings it to me. I will gladly send you a photo of myself so that you can do your jobs properly and give the parcel to the right person, it is unacceptable delivering peoples parcels all over the show to the wrong recipients, if this does not get sorted today I will happily lodge a formal complaint and take the matter further to Hello Peter and where ever else I need to in order to reach the owner and get this sorted

It is on that P.O.D that was not signed or received by me

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15 Jun 2022
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