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The Courier Guy - Atrocious customer service

No resolution
Sharon Cloete
Sharon Cloete filed the complaint
19 September 2023
The company's customer service is atrocious and any problem on their side (lateness, not reading instructions, showing up to collect after closing times, lying that there were no parcels), continues to be brushed off and the blame is put on you as a customer.

1) I paid and ordered a parcel to be collected and delivered, and then they stated that it was collected and delivered minutes after, even though I still had the parcel in my possession. When contacting them, they referred me to one of my previous parcels and kept brushing off my proof of payment for both and stating how it be delivered minutes after booking. The person who 'assisted' me was no help at all and I had to phone in. The manager later called and put the blame on me 'due to the barcode being ripped on their waybill', however, my copy is intact and the one I handed in was intact. After trying to explain, and continuously being interrupted, they stated that the parcel would be picked up in the afternoon. Even though I booked for pick-up before 12:00. No apology or recognition for their mistake was made and the manager had a lackluster attitude. Luckily the parcel was picked up at 11:15 despite the issues.

2) Previous issues with lateness and drivers being careless have been reported, however, no change has been made. Excuses given for showing up after closing are: 'driver overbooked, they work until that late (18:00), normally companies are open that late(18:00)'. That was in response to a complaint that the driver showed up 2 days in a row after the company closed at 16:00, as indicated when I booked online. I paid for local overnight, which was only picked up and delivered the week after (4 days after booking). They stated in their email 'Fortunately, we were able to collect that day'. but that was because the drivers actually went when the company was open. This is not the first time it happened and promises to rectify the issue fell on deaf ears (or eyes).

I will be moving my business elsewhere and hope everyone else does too.
Incident date: 19 September 2023
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