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Telkom SA SOC Limited
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Telkom - No service, deposit paid

No resolution
Hussein filed the complaint
24 August 2023
On 1 July i took over a shop in carnival mall, Brakpan
The business requires a phone number and a, stable wifi to conduct business

Long story short it is months later, i paid the deposit for the fibre line, and mo installation has taken place

I have been liasing with Neren Chetty who is the supposed area manager and he confidently told me on many occasions on watsapp the open serve tecnician will be at my store in the morning, NB this was +- 3 weeks ago, yet nothing no installation after i had paid the deposit, NOW Neren Chetty claims he has no way to assit me, he has no way if contacting ooen serve, this is a telkom internal issue, i dont see why myself as a cuatomer should be made to suffer, and why try to cripple my buiness by not installing what i had paid for, can it really be so difficult for telkom to contact opeb serve to complete the job

This is the worst experience, no service, i would nit advise anybody to utilise telkom, they will make your life unbearable, Telkom carnival mall brakpan is a joke, NO Service
Incident date: 24 August 2023
Hussein rated the brand
5 October 2023

Useless thieves, took my deposit and never gave any service Thieves

This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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