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Telkom SA SOC Limited
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Telkom - Incorrect billing and suspect

No resolution
Bernadine Hudson
Bernadine Hudson filed the complaint
21 January 2022
I have been trying since yesterday to sort out a bill on my account. When you call the call centre they either transfer you back and forth between billings and cancelations or hang up on you. Lungela, Lucrecia, Katlego, Thulani, Mbali and Mbali (there are two) Hangelani. All are working from home, which means that they have carte blanche to treat customers the way they want. They have incorrectly migrated my package and charged my R13000 for this. Further to this they then suspend my service because the credit limit is too low and the balance is too high, but no one checks that they are the reason my balance is too high. Needless to say I am waiting for a call back... no one is sorting out my issue and everyone is telling me about their "process". Well what about the process of customer service
Incident date: 20 January 2022
Bernadine Hudson
13 February 2022
They said that they resolved the issue, but didn't. Instead they proceeded to debit my account after saying they wouldn't, then told me I had to wait 5 to 10 for them to refund the money. Who can wait around 10 days for someone to repay you R12890 when your bills are due??? I was forced to reverse the debit order via my bank and I now have an unpaid debit order on my credit status, then they send me an email saying we have resolved the issue, which isn't the case, they did nothing.
Two weeks later, I get two more invoices, which I queried, and then I get a credit for R11700, not sure why. It took them two days to reply saying they made a mistake. I should have just kept their money... Anyway I paid them back the same day they sent me the bank details and really now have to hope that they don't debit me again for anything. I currently have no internet because I canceled in utterly desperation to have them stop billing me ridiculous amounts, that didn't stop them though, even after everything they still just went into my account and took what's mine. This was the worst experience as a customer
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
30 September 2022

Hi Bernadine, I came across your complaint as I’m currently in the same situation and it affects me extremely bad as they debited my account by taking all the money that was left in my account after I’ve already paid them. You mentioned you went to your bank to reverse the debit order, is your debit order a debicheck? Cos I’ve been told countless times it cannot be reversed because it’s a debicheck. Hoping to hear back from you