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Telkom SA SOC Limited
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Telkom - I give up! i don't know what to do anymore!

No resolution
aldore van Loggenberg
aldore Loggenberg filed the complaint
20 December 2021
Telkom.... i give up! i don't know what to do anymore! i changed my contract from 800mg to 2G data..consultant that assisted me end of November messed up with my contract and everytime i call them there is another story, first it was a mistake on there system, either he cancel my contract or made the device as a once off payment and not monthly as it use to be with the monthly data bundle,,,one consultant even informed me that i must google credit limit!take note i have 2 contracts both suspended last month 3 days where i have to call 3/4 times a day for follow up,, this month it's 5days already!When i call no i have to wait a week!My child is alone at home should something happen i can't call,, i asked them to listen to the so called voice recording and nobody makes any effort now i got a sms they will deduct R6100 once off from my account!there is no service no help no effort from their side i would never ever take a contract from them ever again!!!
Incident date: 22 November 2021
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