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Telkom SA SOC Limited
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Telkom - Horrible service

No resolution
Tarryn Pillay
Tarryn Pillay filed the complaint
29 August 2023
Horrible service I had applied for an upgrade on my contract to the oppo reno 10 pro + oppo pad air + oppo wl earpods. This was done via the call center on Tuesday 15/08/2023. I received my goods today 17/08/2023 however when i opened the package to find a oppo reno 10pro+ and earpods no tablet. When i called the call center they had advised me that the incorrect package had been loaded. This is unacceptable as i needed the tablet before next Friday and when i had spoke to the agent Siza he had assured me that both the tablet and phone would be purple in colour however not only did he give me the wrong package deal but also wrong colour as well very poor customer service. I had then received a call on Thursday 17 August 2023 @ 15.05pm from siza after speaking to him he assured me there would be a swap at collection with the correct package. After the the collection no swap was done and i received a call from another agent stating my contract would be cancelled and i would need to reapply thereafter another agent called me sipho he says the system was not updated and would contact me Tuesday 22 August, no contact made. Later on Tuesday a lady called me saying that the correct order was processed on the system and would be delivered. Wednesday a guy named shamile called and said nothing was process and he would do the upgrade i agreed to everything amd even approved the otp and bank mandate. Today i called in no upgrade is done and apparently now im not due for an upgrade. Absolutely horrible service i was due for an upgrade on the 8th of August 2023 and due to your agent Siza Bengu horrible service and him putting through the incorrect upgrade and giving me a whole lot of BS and then not contacting me to correct HIS error im still not assisted and am receiving * FORBIDDEN * service from you guys. I then received a call from Lindo on Friday 25th August stating this error had been done to other customers and he would rectify this as once it goes to back office for processing it would be corrected and rectified however when i called in on Monday nothing had been done. Today is Tuesday 29th August 2023 and apparently Shamile has now done another order at 9.47am yesterday and is processing but i need to now wait 24 to 72 hours to see if it goes through. Me being a client to them and receiving horrible service when i just wanted an upgrade which was due and having had an error made by Telkom is unacceptable no one is rectifying this error made. Telkoms mandate is to provide customers a service however you have clearly failed
Incident date: 29 August 2023
Tarryn Pillay
Tarryn Pillay rated the brand
24 October 2023

Horrible service 3 months later my issue not resolved

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