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Telkom Mobile - Worst service

No resolution
Reyaan filed the complaint
10 July 2023
Hi had been calling since 3rd July 2023 about my account that has been suspended withTelkom.
They deducted full amount and I have been speaking to 5difference consultants who has escalated my call and to no luck. I requested to speak to a manager no luck and the one consultant Madisa Makgakemele who told me to be quite and was very rude. All I want is for my account to be activated. Since July last year after i took out my 4th contract with Telkom has my account been irregular which is a fault on their side. I cant log a call so i do call backs as my account is suspended. Once contracts are done I am moving services one by one to a SP that is better.

Very frustrated Customer
Incident date: 10 July 2023
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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