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Telkom Mobile - Telkom mobile - terrible waiting time for my order

No resolution
Zuhayr Dalwai
Zuhayr Dalwai filed the complaint
3 May 2022
I placed a pre-order for a Samsung S22 ultra on the 23rd February. The deal was competitive and I was excited for the new phone to arrive. Samsung launched the S22 series in South Africa on the 11th of March. After the order was placed (credit check completed) I never received any communication with regards to the device. I found this a bit concerning and upon contacting the online team, they seemed clueless about the order I had placed. After numerous phone calls, I eventually got in touch with someone who assured me that as soon as the phone launches, I will be updated about its delivery. I still have yet to receive the call from the online team. I was made aware that the online team have a completely different system from the team in stores, so nobody could help me at a branch. I then decided to place another order (29th March 2022) at the Canal Walk branch, for an S22 ultra in hopes that I would receive it sooner, and then would just cancel the other order. I was told at the branch that there would also be a waiting period but the friendly consultant said maybe around one to two weeks waiting time which I patiently accepted. After a week of not receiving any update, I decided to go follow up at the branch. The consultant told me the same excuse that I always got, that they have no stock and will be contacted once my device is ready. Fast forward to the beginning of May month and my patience has run out because I have still not received my device. After following up YET again, the apathetic consultant just told me "No stock". I was also told that the galaxy buds pro that is redeemable with the device (R4000 worth) is no longer valid because the redemption period has expired. When I asked to talk with his manager (because I was very upset) he just nonchalantly told me "he's not here".

I am at my wits end with the service of Telkom mobile and will discourage anyone from ever supporting them after the terrible service I have received despite their competitive pricing. I must iterate that all consultants (except one) were generally friendly and sympathetic towards my problem, which I appreciated. I realized that the problem sits with the management because they cannot provide what they advertise. This complaint is a last ditch effort to try and make some progress with my order, if I cannot find a solution hereafter, I will purchase something else from a different provider.
Incident date: 1 May 2022
Zuhayr Dalwai
17 May 2022
I have since received my phone on the 13 May 1 and a half months later. I am however not fully satisfied as I was told that I cannot get galaxy buds with the phone, despite that being advertised in the deal. The manager of the Canal Walk store, Leonard, told me that he would be in touch and that he has escalated the situation with Samsung promotions. I have yet to hear from him.

I have since tried to contact Samsung promotions myself, to take matters into my own hands, trying to resolve Telkom Mobiles mess. I spoke to a supervisor who casually told me "he can't promise me anything, but he will try to escalate my matter".

This is just the tip of the iceberg and have not even described my full experience in detail. Its pathetic, and the team is utterly hopeless. I will never support Telkom Mobile again.
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