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Telkom Mobile - Mobile number and account with telkom suspended

No resolution
Amanda filed the complaint
24 January 2024
Dear complaint department

I would like to state that telkom is the most inconvenience, provide poor service they suspended my services can't make calls and do assignments whereas I was or am a loyal customer to them I made my payment on the 2nd of January 2024 and they sent confirmation via email stating that they received the payment for December and now they are saying I'm owing for December which I find very confusing and when I call an agent they are saying I'm owing the amount that I already paid which is 418.06 and when I log on line viia they link I'm owing 624.07 what do i do that's the reason why I am filling for this complaint
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Incident date: 24 January 2024
25 January 2024
And Amount that was paid in November I'm receiving it now?
That it was reversed which never reflect in my account and I don't know who did that telkom is hurting me big time

Dear Valued Customer, please find communication with regards to your request below:

Dear Customer,

Thank you for the e-mail sent to Telkom Billing enquiries.
We apologise for the inconvenience.
Please note on the account there is an amount of R624.94 that was reversed, kindly make payment to unsuspend the account.

[email protected]

Kind regards, Telkom Support
Amanda rated the brand
21 March 2024


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