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Telkom Mobile - Fraudulent, inconsistent unnecessary deductions, poor service, illegal transactions

No resolution
Craig Jeffrey Pauls
Craig Pauls filed the complaint
4 February 2022
I would like lodge a complaint about an account for a 10Gb (Daytime) + 10Gb (Night-time) product that was sold to me on the 24th of May 2011. (Account 068 011 3863)
This was sold and delivered to me with 2 sim cards.
After receiving it I got a call from them and asked why I had received 2 sim cards, upon which they replied that it was for me to use in a second device.
As I plugged this 1 sim card into my mobile device and used it, it did not seem to work for very long before the data ran out. I did bear with it for as long as possible but every time I connected to the device it would stop working soon after.
In the new year I decided I had enough as I was paying for a data that lasted only 2 to 3 hours and this is not what I was looking for.
Upon trying to get this cancelled I have since learned that I was sold 2 contracts, one of 1gb and one of 10gb + 10gb. Taking upon this I have paid for a contract for 7 Months and have not used a single mb as I only used the sim card that was used as NO instruction was given that the 2 sim cards are for 2 different contracts.
One that I wanted and one that I have been charged for but did not request or order.
Furthermore, as I cancelled this, the second account for 1gb was left and the first was removed so I can no longer use the 30GB (10 + 10 + 10 for 3 months carried over).
Today they send me a bill for both accounts and when I check on the online portal the two have been cancelled on the normal portal, and one cancelled on the other Beta Portal.
Then they charged me for another Payment Rejection fee which they decided to only add on in the last 2 days as I checked before I paid in January and have screenshots of outstanding with SMS’s of the outstanding and request to pay.
Strangely enough yesterday when I checked on the portal it reflected the amount that was paid and today it does not reflect anything. I might have a screenshot of that as well, if not I do have the conversation with the consultant though it only works in favour of Telkom and no one else.
Now they are expecting me to pay for 2 services that I no longer have for a month where I can not use them as they no longer exist or maybe do, who knows (depending on which portal you use)
To try and get hold of them is virtually impossible and all mail has been stopped and I suspect this is because then their clients might have proof of any interactions.
Please supply me with the mandate on this account (068 011 3863) with clear voice instruction where I was informed of this second account and what the 2 sim cards were for.
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Incident date: 31 January 2022
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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