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Telkom Mobile - Bad swrvice/wrong information

No resolution
Lbohang filed the complaint
3 September 2023
Have bought two Huawei devices of which on the call I mentioned each cost R469, however an incompetent consultant ignored that, one device was delivery, after being inconvenienced and the order was of R429, was totally wrong to my description. I then called in and was told to go to the branch for further assistance, yesterday 2/9 I went to branch, they weren't busy but I tell you literally they laughed at my situation when I told them about my online order, one even said 'I got scammed by online'. I then asked on the process of Sim swap or number potting, as I didnt need a new number they just told me they can't help, I must call online for that. How untrue and rude was that because I was told I could get assistance at the branch. I have been so humiliated, 'one consultant even asked what was I doing online while they are around' I don't understand how people can be so rude and not do their job. I don't want a device anymore.. They must just come and collect the one device that has been delivered. I'm a paying customer I was not asking for a Favour or any sort. People need to learn Customer service at all cost. I'm also a salesman where I work. I treat all my customers with respect, all new and returning customers are and must be treated as Royalty, telkom people need better training, I could've just went to Cell C or Vodacom, but because I had an account with them I thought it will be easier, it's like they were doing me a Favour ?. I give them 24hours to sort out their mess.
Incident date: 3 September 2023
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