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Takealot - Worst service ever encountered, assaulted by takealot staff member

No resolution
Anneline Kriel
Anneline Kriel filed the complaint
2 August 2022

I am now very frustrated with your lack of response.
I was verbally abused by an employee of yours last week and I cancelled my order because of this. His name is Deetlefs Fourie.
I was treated like garbage in front of other clients and staff at the Montague Gardens pick up point and after this horrific experience I had to hold the line for your customer complaint department 4 times each and got cut off 3 times before managing to speak to a person. This was Deney.
My son did not have his promised present, I had to go buy something at a store and I still haven't received my refund!!!!
Deney told me they will sort it out and then someone did phone me later, a Lawrence T.
He made all kinds of promises and the right noises to pacify me and then nothing.
No refund, no response, no apology, nothing.
I am going to escalate this to social media and anyone who is willing to listen to how I was treated, name all the names, tell all my friends my story so they ban you (trust me I have many) if you do not sort out this out TODAY!
I want my refund TODAY and I want that horrible man who assaulted me to receive consequences for his actions before he mistreats another female like this.
And I want to know why I wasnt contacted back by the "manager" who promised to fix this.
This is going to happen TODAY, I am fed up for asking for something as simple as a decent service by a company who is supposed to have a reputable name.

Incident date: 2 August 2022
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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