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Takealot - Takealot representative is trying to rob me of my refund

Awaiting reply
Nkosana filed the complaint
18 June 2024
I am writing with deep frustration and disappointment regarding the way my refund is being handled. I purchased a R30,000 laptop on Takealot and was initially asked to provide my ID photo, which I did. Then, they asked for a photo of me holding my ID card, which made me uncomfortable. I told them to cancel my order and refund me if they couldn't process it without this information. They canceled my order, but the representative was hesitant to refund me.After some time, Rofhiwa.N told me that to get my refund, I needed to provide my bank statement, proof of payment, proof of account, and my ID photo. This was concerning because during a previous refund, I was never asked for such sensitive information. Despite my concerns, I sent them everything she requested. Even after providing all these details, she keeps asking for more unnecessary things instead of processing my refund.This is not the first time I'm dealing with this issue. I am still waiting for another refund for the same laptop, making the total amount R60,000. Takealot, please give me my money back. I see what your representative is trying to do. Why is she hesitant to give me my money back when I have provided everything she asked for? If anything happens to my bank account, I know where to go because Rofhiwa.N is the only person I gave my confidential details to.I feel like you are intentionally delaying the process and trying to keep my money. This is unacceptable. I want my money back now. I demand my refund without any more excuses. This needs to be resolved immediately.
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Incident date: 18 June 2024
Nkosana is awaiting for brand response
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