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Takealot - Takealot does not honour 30-day no hassles return

No resolution
Aniel Caro de Beer
Aniel Beer filed the complaint
26 September 2023
I bought a toy from Takealot, checking the conditions when I bought same. It referred to a 30 day hassle free return iro the product. I also read Takealot's terms and conditions and could find no term where the product was excluded from being able to be returned for a full refund or had to be returned in 7 days. Satisfied that I could return the product if the child I bought it for did not like it, I bought it. However, when I returned it, it was rejected as it was not returned within 7 days. I could find no term stating that I had to return the item in question in 7 days and stated same. This was a week ago; I have been bounced from one Takealot consultant to the next, with consultants often copying and pasting standard replies (once directed at someone else but sent to me) assuring me that my complaint is being treated with ''urgency" and asking me to give the consultant time. There is never any indication of when the complaint will be resolved. This is a simple issue and it is unclear on what basis Takealot can keep both my money and the product, with seemingly no intention to resolve the issue? Very disappointing as this used to be an excellent company that honoured its return policy, but seems no more hassle-free returns. Please can Takealot resolve this issue?
Incident date: 19 September 2023
Aniel Caro de Beer
Aniel Beer rated the brand
10 October 2023

Poor. After my complaint, I called Takealot again and a consultant informed me that 'an exception has been made' and I would be refunded, but they were trying to find the item I returned. The item later landed at my doorstep and Takealot again reneged on an undertaking, closing the matter with no refund. I have now deleted the app as well as Superbalist and will not order from Takealot or other companies in the group again. Sadly, they no longer adhere to their 30 day return term nor to undertakings to clients. A zero on the trust index.

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