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Takealot - Scansters

No resolution
Michael Klue
Michael Klue filed the complaint
16 April 2021
Falsely advertise products to increase sales even though product doesn’t match description. Then they give you long waiting periods of 3 weeks with no reason to return declined
I hope this publishes it publicly as Takealot has a responsibility to scrutinise their preferred suppliers and product they advertise. However I’ve been having issues with this Scamster Company as ads are totally false describing their product. I returned it wijting time period unused and original packaging however they declined the return. Also failed to come back to me to explain it even it’s been 3 weeks to no avail. No credit refund neither flawed product returned. That’s as good as theft btw? so I proceeded to lay complaint with consumer tribunal and correspondence from them. Also I spend between R2500 -R5000 per MONTH with these scamsters and had about 4 returns on absolutely * FORBIDDEN * product that doesn’t live up to its claims. Surely the public should be aware of this actions on behalf of Takealot. You better of buying at China Town. I mean quality is same anyway at least China Town will be cheaper and not falsely inflated ads to boost sales on shot products. Do you need a order number to understand what I’m talking about?
Incident date: 16 April 2021
This complaint has been considered as not resolved.
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