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Takealot - Return item stolen by courier people

Malebo filed the complaint
28 June 2022
On the 24 of June 2022 I made a request for a return item at takealot and the collection date was scheduled for 27th of June 2022, the courier people came on the 27th of June as the scheduled date and i give them the item was returning. After a few hours i receive a message from Takealot stating that they couldn't make the collection they they will reschedule, so I made an inquiry with Takealot costumer team they said they will check for me they didn't give me feedback, On the 28th of June 2022 i receive other message from Takealot stating that they scheduled date for collection is 29th June, so i called customer care again to explain my dilemma and give them the information i know about the incident, the person who was helping me made it seem like is my fault for not checking or getting more information about the courier people who came to collect my return item and how did they know my information in the first place if is not Takealot who gave the information to them, now it feels like criminals came right in my door step to steal from me just because of Takealot. Cause the courier people they are inquiring to want say their system had a problem and didn't send anyone for collection.
Incident date: 27 June 2022
Malebo rated the brand
30 June 2022

Takealot is a good brand just that their customers service needs to improve on a serious business level, because sometimes you feel unheard as a customer when you have complaints about their services and their customer care.

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